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After watching flame-haired goddess and generally amazing actor Julianne Moore in ‘What Maisie Knew’, I was motivated to celebrate the sheer awesomeness of Hollywood’s Mothers In Legendary Films. Or as Rialto boss man Rog put it: “Our favourite MILFs”.

After watching flame-haired goddess and generally amazing actor Julianne Moore in ‘What Maisie Knew’, I was motivated to celebrate the sheer awesomeness of Hollywood’s 'Mothers In Legendary Films'. Or as Rialto boss man Rog put it: “Our favourite MILFs”.

Some legendary film mothers are characters - think Shelley Winters in 1970’s awesome ‘Bloody Mama’ or Kathleen Turner in 1994’s ‘Serial Mom’ - whilst some are based on real people (see: ‘Mommie Dearest’). Others play various versions of themselves, like uber director Marty’s mother Catherine Scorsese, a bemused, no-nonsense presence in many of her son’s movies who injects a lovable strand of mystification in intricately written stories that often race ahead. I totally cherished her in her son’s gangster classic ‘Good Fellas’ when she throws together one hell of an impromptu midnight feast, lends her son a butcher’s knife and then breaks his balls with the epic line, “Why don’t you get yourself a nice girl?” If that is not a MILF then I don’t know what is!

However this is a bit of a rave about great actors who also happen to be pretty legendary moms, the first of which is the aforementioned Moore. Few actors in Hollywood boast a track record for excellence comparable to that of the titian star, also a mother of two and award-winning children’s book author. After a successful stint on ‘As the World Turns’, Moore made the leap to the big screen, where she's raked in film awards nominations and worked with some of the best directors in the business, including Robert Altman, Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen Brothers, and Todd Haynes. Stunning in everything from ‘Magnolia’ to ‘Boogie Nights’ and ‘A Single Man’, she is the epitome of ageing gracefully without losing her undisputable sex appeal, and her acting chops just go from strength to strength.

Another mother we love is Monica Bellucci. The sultry Italian actor may be turning 50 later this year, but she's still considered one of the world's most beautiful actresses... and with good reason. Despite making quite the name for herself - and her beauty - internationally, has in recent years focused on her Italian cinema career. Her latest movie ‘The Wonders’ (‘Le Meraviglie’) won the Grand Prix at the year's Cannes Film Festival, and fingers crossed it hits our screens some time soon. After the drama of ‘The Wonders’, Monica headed to Serbia for ‘On The Milky Road’ from local writer/director Emir Kusturica. The mother of two had her second child at 45 and age and motherhood have only heightened her status as one hell of a beauty and a veritable MILF by our standards.

A favourite MILF of Roger’s is Liv Tyler, who has absolutely shone in stronger and stronger roles with age. She describes herself as a true mix of her etiquette expert grandmother Dorothea, wild child mother Bebe Buell and musical legend dad Steve Tyler, but to us Liv seems a real original, and a devoted mother to son Milo. We can’t wait to see what the sexy, strong brunette does next.

And who could write a rave about Hollywood’s legendary moms without mentioning the modern mom-who-does-it-all Dame Angelina Jolie - director, Oscar-winning actor, fiancée, sex symbol, humanitarian and - lest we forget - mother of six. Her latest directorial outing  - ‘Broken’ - is picked for an Oscar nomination or two, and the story of World War II hero Louis Zamperini, a former Olympic track star who survived a plane crash in the Pacific, spent 47 days drifting on a raft and then more than two and a half years as a prisoner of war in several brutal Japanese internment camps, is rumoured to be compelling viewing.

So yep, MILFs - we love ‘em, and I only wish I had the space to wax lyrical about them even more!

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Sunday, 13 July 2014 4:02 a.m.
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