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Wednesday 20 September

A Man Called Ove

59 year old Ove is the block's grumpy man who several years earlier was deposed as president of the condominium association, but he could not give a damn about being deposed and therefore keeps looking over the neighborhood with an iron fist....

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Get the Picture

Meet John G Morris, 95, a legend of photojournalism, whose unerring eye for the best shot has moved and changed the world. Morris, former Picture Editor of Life Magazine & New York Times was instrumental in the early years of Magnum with his...

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The Third Man

Joseph Cotten is Holly Martins, a relatively naïve American novelist who arrives in post-war Vienna to take a job offered to him by his longtime friend, Harry Lime (Orson Welles). When Holly arrives, however, he learns that Harry has recently...

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The Murder Trial

Nat Fraser had already been found guilty, but in 2011 the Supreme Court overturned his conviction as unsafe. The Murder Trial follows Nat Fraser's retrial, as he attempted to persuade an entirely new jury that he knew nothing about the...

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The Death And Life Of Otto Bloom

The chronicle of the life and great love of Otto Bloom, an extraordinary man who experiences time in reverse - passing backwards through the years only remembering the future.

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Every Thing Will Be Fine

One day, driving aimlessly around the outskirts of town after a trivial domestic quarrel, a writer named Tomas accidentally hits and kills a child. Will he be able to move on?

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