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In 2008, actor turned editor and director Tom Meadmore set out to explore the lives of two independent music artists In Melbourne. Their names were Amanda Medica and Tony Jackson, and the end result was the many-years-in-the-making documentary showing on Rialto Channel tonight, HOW TO LOSE JOBS AND ALIENATE GIRLFRIENDS.

A critically acclaimed, warts-and-all film about the creative process, HOW TO LOSE JOBS AND ALIENATE GIRLFRIENDS also comes with an interesting twist (hint: it’s in the title). In his feature-length debut, Lonely Planet film editor turned budding documentarian Meadmore has turned the camera on not only two budding musicians, but they also happen to be his girlfriend (Amanda), and his boss (Tony).

Shooting the film began in 2008 but the editing wasn’t completed until 2013, by which time Meadmore was living in London, and you guessed it - single. A former actor who appeared briefly on Neighbours, Meadmore founded his own film company, Go Fish Films in 2001 but until tonight’s outing, was relatively unformed as a director. His bread and butter was reportedly editing and producing wedding videos, until he released GRACE, a short film that screened at several international film festivals, including the Warsaw International Film Festival, and the Palm Springs International Shortfest. Next up was HOW TO LOSE JOBS AND ALIENATE GIRLFRIENDS, which has had considerable success. It has played at festivals around the world including Cinequest Film Festival in the USA, the East End Film Festival in London and at Australia’s Splendour in the Grass, also garnering four-star critical acclaim from Total Film magazine upon its limited cinema release in the UK. 

Key to the film’s success I think is the personalities at its heart, including the director’s own. We get to look on as Meadmore’s own insecurities flare while struggling to “find a story” in the process of making the film, which is a factor that could definitely grate on some viewers. It can get hard to watch as he begins challenging his participants’ flaws on camera, inflicting his own opinion at times when they are vulnerable. It starts jeopardising the film, his relationships with Amanda and Tony and quite honestly, his career. Meadmore’s brutal insensitivity at times threatens to destroy two of the most important relationships in his life, and one wonders if he actually cares.

Amazingly, Meadmore actually managed to keep his job, even after having a major falling out with his boss as a result of the film. As aforementioned, his relationship with his girlfriend didn’t survive the process, which is no surprise. In hindsight, he has told interviewers he wouldn’t have done anything differently, though he admits to feeling a bit “shameful” when he thinks about “how untactful I was at times”. As an artist himself, his treatment of his subjects when they are wrestling with their own insecurities is quite bloody awful! Having said that, the film also has some hilarious moments, especially when Tom and Tony really start to butt heads.

A fun watch? I reckon, and I’ll be interested to watch Meadmore’s career develop...

HOW TO LOSE JOBS AND ALIENATE GIRLFRIENDS premieres Thursday 2 February on Rialto Channel

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