Watch the entire season of these fantastic series on Rialto Channel

Rectify Series 4: Monday 22 October – Rectify Series 4 boxset from 9:20am for early Labour Day viewing

35 Day Series 2: Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October boxset over 2 days in the lead up to the premiere of series 3 the following weekend (episodes 1 -4 from 2:10pm on Saturday and episodes 5 – 8 from 2:05pm on Sunday)

The Teach Series 1: One episode a night from Monday 15 to Wednesday 24 October (start times vary but all after midnight)

Hinterland Series 3: One episode a day from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 October (start times vary but around 1/2pm each day), one episode a night from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 October (start times vary but all after midnight)