A freelance writer and copywriter for over fifteen years, Helene has written for publications and brands all over the world and couldn’t imagine herself in any other job. A shameless film freak, her first onscreen experience involved a trip to Avondale’s Hollywood Theatre at the age of five to see Yul Brynner in The Ultimate Warrior and she hasn’t looked back since. A big fan of documentaries, she has interviewed subjects as diverse as Henry Rollins, Jimmy Choo and Beyonce Knowles, and also has her own beauty blog - which can be found at www.mshelene.com - for the purpose of raving about red lipstick, big hair and other essential indulgences.

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Just over a week ago, US President – and Orange Mephistopheles - Donald Trump announced that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Accord, much to the dismay of 99.9 percent of intelligent people out there. Echoes of dismay were heard far and wide, and it seemed like the future of Planet Earth was moving ever closer to disaster.

FRACKMAN: what is fracking, and why should you care?

Posted on Thursday 1/06/2017 June, 2017 by

A FLICKERING TRUTH: highlighting the importance of film

Posted on Thursday 25/05/2017 May, 2017 by

MONTEREY, the little café that could

Posted on Thursday 18/05/2017 May, 2017 by

TICKLED AND THE TICKLE KING – is this really the end?

Posted on Wednesday 10/05/2017 May, 2017 by

THE SOUND OF HER GUITAR, the life of Donna Dean

Posted on Thursday 4/05/2017 May, 2017 by

EMBRACE – stop hating your body, start living your life

Posted on Thursday 27/04/2017 April, 2017 by

On BARISTA… and the coffee geek as rockstar

Posted on Thursday 20/04/2017 April, 2017 by

DAN AND MARGOT and the stigma of mental illness

Posted on Thursday 13/04/2017 April, 2017 by


Posted on Thursday 6/04/2017 April, 2017 by
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